We are working in the following locations for different NVOCC Lines and MLO’s:

Details of Our Services at various ICD Locationsositions


Project Cargo

Our team provides supreme quality of work mainly in the cargo services such as packaging and transportation of the cargo for the factory to their destination. We consider different modes, which consist of customs, clearance, route survey, and so on. We are known for providing the best project cargo services.
Additionally, you can also seek the customized services from our team. Our dedicated and hard-working route survey team is worthy and helps you in each aspect. In the matter of quality and delivery, you do not need to worry about our side. All you need to do is, for the project cargo service, you need to place an order with us.

Full CFS survey

Our complete CFS survey makes us a one-stop solution for our clients. You get different sorts of services from our team regarding the CFS survey. Our team believes in offering a top-notch quality of services which satisfy our clients for sure.
We work on container warehousing, container and cargo inspection, yard management, finance integration, invoice and bill generation, container servicing and maintenance, fumigation and palletization, customer and vendor communication management, and so on.
All you need to do is get in touch with our team to know about the details of your project. We will surely guide you effectively regarding our full CFS service.

Line service

With our line service, you get the delivery at the perfect time. In our line service, we consider the numerous liner vessels, including container ships, bulk carriers, specialist ships, and so on. Our cost-effective service will never create a hole in your pocket.
We have a professional team who will handle your line service project. Due to it, you do not need to worry about the transportation of your goods. Choosing us is an excellent investment of money, and you won’t regret your decision. If you have any query regarding line service, do not feel hesitate to call us. You can contact our team and get a possible solution.

Empty container survey

Our team provides the empty container survey to our clients. Here comes the list of surveys that come under the list of empty container surveys.
We avail all the services mentioned above to our clients as per their requirements.

Stuffing/ De-stuffing survey

Get the best and advanced stuffing and de-stuffing service from the Shree Maax Marine Services PVT Ltd team. We consider the proper packaging before loading the stuff in the containers to export. Once it reached the destination, we take the responsibility of de-stuffing the survey. It means you get top-notch quality of the unloading service.
To get the benefits of the loading and unloading service, you must choose us. We at Shree Maax Marine Services PVT ltd provide the best services at a reasonable price. So grab all the best stuffing/ De-stuffing surveys as per the requirements without paying extra charges.

Loading/Unloading services

We design and provide the best loading and unloading services for the different kinds of material per your requirements. Choosing us for the loading and unloading service is a considerable investment of money. It is because you will exactly get what you want.
Additionally, we believe in offering stability and strength to this significant task. We have particular working criteria for the loading and unloading services that our team members follow. So, with our team, you do not need to stress your stuff that will undergo the loading and unloading service. What you need to do is contact the team and get the benefit.

ODC Cargo Survey

We at Shree Maax Marine service Pvt Ltd. provide ODC cargo service. We work on different aspects, which are in the following ways:
To get all these ODC cargo surveys, you need to contact us. Our team will provide immense service.